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It's hard for me to think of a business that does not benefit from a website. Especially as a small business, your online presence is extremely important. Help your customers find you! I provide web design services as well as web editing services if you already have a website and want to stay on the platform you're on. I make sure that your website is UX/UI developed and user friendly. A responsive design and SEO are built-in. Behind the scenes, I make sure plenty of market research and study go into your site before the first page is created. 

My passion is helping small businesses grow and succeed! A website is a huge part of that success. 

Check out some of my website designs below. 

PLEASE NOTE: websites with * are no longer under my supervision and may have been edited (sometimes badly) after I initially published the site. Just something to keep in mind. 

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Responsive Website

Virtual HR Support for businesses and associations. By HR professionals for HR professionals.

*Children's book author and artist located in West Michigan.

An amazing non-profit organization helping children in The Gambia in Africa. The organization provides school supplies, uniforms, exercise books, food, and more.

*Certified acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner located in West Michigan

Sales and marketing solutions for boutique properties and villas worldwide

*A delicious local brewery located in Saint Augustine, Florida.

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